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Think Big Systems, based in New Delhi, India, is promoting the use of 3D printers in the education industry across schools, colleges and universities. Teaching of 3D Printing technology is a passion of Think Big Systems. We are driven by the vision of helping India become one of the leading manufacturing bases around the world. This is possible only by developing skills among students that would help them learn state of the art technologies that are changing manufacturing around the world.

Manufacturing of the future may take various forms – increased automation, greater robotics, better design and more customized and cheap production. In light of that, several countries are taking steps to stay ahead of the curve and be at the forefront of manufacturing. As an example, China is fast training its workforce to develop greater design skills and modern manufacturing skills too. Of course, the future is determined by the skills that are imparted in the education system today. As a result, the Chinese government has already started procuring and teaching 3D printing skills to students in primary schools. Our goal is to impart similar and superior skills that would be of value to the manufacturing industry of tomorrow!

Our goal is to revolutionize the education industry by imparting skills that are future-oriented. And let's not forget, the future is already here! The three big pillars through which we support the education industry are:

Training: We provide training in schools or at our premises to students at various levels (Primary, Middle and Secondary). We also provide "train the teacher" or "train the trainer" services, so that 3D printing skills are developed at an even faster pace within the country.

3D printing lab: Our 3D printing lab services are ideal for both educators and the corporate, who would like us to engineer or just print the model prototypes. We have a dedicated environment that allows one to bring their creativity and print it to share your awesomeness with others.

3D printing services: We have tied up with leading world manufacturers such as MakerBot and Flash Forge to being to you some of the very best 3D printers available in the world. We also provide troubleshooting and servicing of 3D printers that have run into issues.


What Services We Offer For You

3D Printer

TBS has collaborated with MakerBot USA & Flashforge of China Imparting 3D printing technology education.


TBS has established for imparting 3D printing technology education to student of all age category.


TBS is an integrated, research based, Orthopedic Implants & Instruments manufacturing company