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We are providing 3d printing lab for the following activities

We will equip all engineering students who under goes this course on state of art 3D printer in our lab with design softwares on their laptop so that after undergoing this course they can keep on improving their designing skill and we will assets them to purchased 3D Printers on concessional price.

The 3D Lab is available to:

Create Print Learn Equip

Create - Creating and sharing 3D designs: Facility of lab is available for designers to create their models and share them with other students or to put creation on different website for sales or competition.

Print - 3D Printing models:

Before, 3D printers become a household phenomenon, our lab is available to prospective designers, educators and even the industry employee who undergo training in our lab to print their creativity at reasonable charges and share their awesomeness with the rest of world! And, worry not in case of issues our designers will be at hand to assist when needed. Think Big Systems also provides design and print training to companies who wish to introduce 3D printing within their facility.

Learn - 3D Design and Print training:

Our 3D experts provide design and print training to students as well as industry employees. Presently 3D printers are not much in use because it's hard to find trained engineers. The intersection of industry readiness and workforce readiness is not too far though and our goal is to assist the industry by equipping the youth with the needed skills.

Equip - Build your own lab:

We are making an all-out effort that all our engineering and technical institutes have 3D printing labs that equip the students with the necessary skills relevant to the industry.We provide consultancy to colleges for establishing Lab in their Institute. What does our Lab provide?

Our lab is equipped with a variety of equipment that would support providing many scanning, reverse engineering, projectors, and 3D Printers.

3D printers:

Our lab is equipped with 3D printers of different models that are suitable for printing models with various types of filaments (raw materials).

3D scanners:

Our lab is equipped with 3D scanner that enables students to scan real-life 3D objects. Once scanned, the models can be enhanced or printed to create a copy of the real-life object. Think of it as creating a clone of the real-life objects or even make improvements to training them in Reverse Engineering.

Audio/visual facility that allows students to be trained on site. A standard studio which we recommend for any Institution/college/school shall comprise of the following:

  • Desktop 3D Printers
  • Desktop Scanner
  • Filament suppliesFilament supplies
Think Big Systems staff shall help establish the Lab and make it functional.